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Misconcenptions about Noah and the pre-flood world...

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 Myth: No one, except Noah was righteous in that generation

I have often heard it preached that before the flood, of all the people in the world, only Noah and his family were righteous. However, there is a problem to this view presented in the pages of the Book of Enoch...

In Enoch 46:8, it says, the Nephilim “persecute the houses of His congregations”. In Enoch 95:7, we are told the sinners "persecute the righteous".

In the verse above, Enoch informs us the persecuted are called “houses of His congregations”. Enoch 53:6, also tells us,

“After this the Righteous and Elect One shall cause the house of his congregation to appear: henceforth they shall be no more hindered in the name of the Lord of Spirits. And these mountains shall not stand as the earth before his righteousness, but the hills shall be as a fountain of water, and the righteous shall have rest from the oppression of sinners”.

The picture that emerges is not one in which Noah and his family are the only righteous living before the flood. However, I think it is safe to say, when the flood destroys all the living the eight persons who survived the flood in the ark are all the righteous that are left. What happened? Where did the houses of of His congregations disappear to? I believe chapter 8 gives us a strong indicator as to what happened...

As the Watchers rolled out each successive phase of their control and oppression of mankind, at the end of the final phase we read, “And as men perished, they cried, and their cry went up to heaven” (Enoch 8:4). The conclusion I am forced to consider is that the systematic persecution of the righteous ended with the martyrdom of all the righteous. Noah and his family were all the righteous who were left on earth because the rest of the righteous had been eliminated. Then, in the year that Methuselah died, Noah entered the ark.

Jesus said in earth's final era too, “you will be hated by all for my name's sake” (Mark 13:13).

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